Important Notice: If you are looking for your child to join us, please contact the school office. We would be happy to give you a tour of our wonderful school.

Opening Minds, Shaping Futures 

We aim to create a happy and safe learning environment where all children are encouraged to become independent and confident in meeting the demands and expectations of the outside world. We help them to achieve this by;

Our Vision - At Westfield we provide a supportive and nurturing place in our community to allow everybody to thrive, having the resilience and confidence they need for our dynamic world. Everybody has unique skills and abilities and at Westfield we provide the balance to ensure that everybody achieves the very best - academically, creatively and emotionally.  Our learning today will help us gain lifelong success.

Our longer term vision for Westfield Primary is to create a school that serves the community we are a part of; offering world-class education and wide-ranging year round care for children from 2 years of age.  All children will access outstanding teaching and thereby learn and achieve their very best, enjoying all aspects of school life. The learning community will be ambitious in its aims for all its members, supporting and challenging to achieve the next steps in their journey.

Education will be well balanced to ensure children and adults within Westfield have a wide range of skills to embrace the challenges that face them; academically, socially and creatively within a healthy body and mind.

Our Values - Our 'Skills for Life' underpin our curriculum and values as a school community. 

We value social-awareness, self-awareness and success - academically, creatively and emotionally.