Important Notice: If you are looking for your child to join us, please contact the school office. We would be happy to give you a tour of our wonderful school.

As a health promoting school we offer a range of healthy foods prepared and cooked by our own catering service, ‘Westfield Primary Dining’.

MENUS from w/c 3rd June 2024 - Summer 2 Term:
Week 1 Menu (w/c 17th June and 8th July 2024)
Week 2 Menu (w/c 3rd June, 24th June and 15th July 2024)
Week 3 Menu (w/c 10th June and 1st July 2024)

MENUS from w/c 2nd September 2024 - Autumn 1 Term:
Week 1 Menu (w/c 2nd September, 23rd September and 14th October 2024)
Week 2 Menu (w/c 9th September, 30th September and 21st October 2024)
Week 3 Menu (w/c 16th September and 7th October 2024)

Menu Allergy Information:
Week 1 Allergy Information
Week 2 Allergy Information
Week 3 Allergy Information