Important Notice: Monday 1st May = Bank Holiday - school is closed
At Westfield our pupils, staff and governors decided on the core skills that each child should develop on their journey through our school. We value these skills as helping to shape a well-rounded individual, well equipped for life during their time with us, as well as beyond primary school. In all areas of the curriculum we encourage and celebrate children’s achievements working towards our ‘Skills for Life’. Click each tab to find out more...



Skills for Life

Independent children try to do things for themselves. They can make decisions, take responsibility and solve problems (even if this involves other people).



Skills for Life

Resilient children give things a try. They understand that learning has plenty of setbacks and that they can overcome them. They don’t turn mistakes into catastrophes, even when something is challenging – they never give up!



Skills for Life

A sociable child shows care, respect and tolerance to others. They work well in a team and respect ‘social rules’ such as taking turns and being polite. They understand how to be a good citizen.



Skills for Life

This child approaches the unknown and steps up to new challenges. They are confident in their own ability and have self- belief. This child might also show moral courage and can turn away from distractions or have ideas that are different to other people.



Skills for Life

This child wants to give their best in all they do; they have a thirst for new knowledge and skills and want to work hard. They want to be the best they can ‘bee’!



Skills for Life

A positive child smiles a lot! They see the good in all situations and other people. For this child, the glass is usually half full and rarely half empty.



Skills for Life

This child uses their imagination to come up with creative solutions to solve problems; they have good ideas and think outside the box! They are resourceful and imaginative.